Within our Core Curriculum, training is designed to open dialogue among and between factory management and the workforce. We call this our Worker Management Dialogue (WMD) methodology, which is the heart of the IDH Electronics Program.

A combination of on-site classroom sessions, practical exercises and homework helps the training really take hold.

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On top of the WMD core curriculum, we work on building specific skills that address unique challenges of a factory. These modules aim to make the facility more effective and efficient, especially in aspects such as managing human resources, energy efficiency, safety, and others.

Our program helps individuals in the organization teach one another: what is learned in the classroom quickly gets shared throughout the company.

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Entry Point

We begin with an entry assessment to assess the needs of both workers and management, andto determine the bestway forward. This also gives us appropriate baseline information to evaluate future progress.

MTH 18

Exit Point

To gauge overall improvement, we conclude with an exit assessment. This provides a clear picture of the program's results, and helps show where steps can be taken for further development.